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Lose Weight & Eliminate Toxins Naturally

We all have a moment in our lives that represents a snapshot of all that we wish our life could be everyday. It might be a memorable vacation, a birthday, or even a state championship. For me it was feeling of being 20 years old and being the fittest I had ever been in my life. I was working out two hours a day and I weighed 168 pounds. I had never felt so confident and vibrant. Well my life of fitness at age 41 had passed me by. Yes, I ate decent food, worked out when I could, but no matter what I did I was 186 pounds. That is where my body was going to be forever without working out beyond what was possible for a father of 4 children.

Then I discovered the Simeons diet and it occurred to me that my snapshot of fitness might be possible with little exercise and minimal time from my busy schedule. In just 21 days my stomach went from fluff to buff and I feel incredible. I have lost 21 pounds, cut 4 inches from my waistline, and weigh less than my college weight I sought to achieve. I am living a dream and I want others who share my dream to achieve the success that I am feeling. If you want to be more confident, feel more fit inside and out, or just want to improve your athletic performance, join my team of fitness consultants in obtaining that snapshot of total body fitness in 30 days or less!

Dr. Frank Becvar

Lite by Nature is a family owned business. Frank, Jennifer and their four children live in the heart of Colorado. Total health, physically, mentally, and spiritually, has been the foundation of our family. HCG has allowed us to extend this foundation to you.

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