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Why hCG?

The Lite by Nature hCG weight loss and detox program isn’t like any other diet program you’ve tried. Our four-phased plan looks beyond your initial weight loss goals to help you focus on reshaping your body for good.

Based on a protocol developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in 1954, our program uses hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone normally found in pregnant women’s bodies, to supercharge metabolism, target abnormal fat stores and reset your brain’s regulatory center to permanently correct the condition causing your body to retain excess fat.

But at Lite by Nature, we take hCG weight loss a step further.

Our innovative, four–step approach to hCG weight loss combines Dr. Simeon’s revolutionary findings with a total–body detox program and an all–natural hCG weight loss product that’s painless and easy to use. No prescriptions, no injections and no intensive, time–consuming exercise regimens required. Our program includes all the support you need to finally achieve your weight loss goals — from free classes to one–on–one counseling.

But the benefits of the Lite by Nature hCG weight loss plan don’t stop when you’ve arrived at your goal weight. This one–of–a–kind detox and weight loss program actually helps you to keep the weight off, with or without exercise, even when you’ve returned to a normal diet.

By resetting the hypothalamus, the brain’s weight and metabolism regulation center, our program teaches your body how to stabilize at its new, lower bodyweight set point so you enjoy the benefits of a youthful, revved up metabolism for life. Throughout the program, we focus on eliminating harmful, weight loss inhibiting toxins to help you optimize your results.

Lite by Nature is operated by passionate, caring professionals who are living proof of the program’s long–term benefits. Owners Dr. Frank Bevcar and his wife, Jennifer, have both experienced the advantages of homeopathic hCG weight loss and detox firsthand, and many of their first patients were neighbors and friends. The results were so exciting, so dramatic, that Frank and Jennifer felt that they simply had to share their program with others.

Why choose hCG? The answer’s simple — it works.

Contact us to learn more about our exciting program or get started today with all the products you need to begin your own weight loss journey.

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