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The hCG Story

The hCG weight loss story begins with Dr. A.T.W. Simeons of Rome. Dr. Simeons discovered that hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone normally found only in a pregnant woman’s body, could help people to lose weight rapidly when combined with a low–calorie diet. He also found that, once patients had returned to a more normal way of eating, their bodies were better able to maintain the weight loss achieved using hCG.

In fact, Dr. Simeons discovered that hCG helped to naturally reshape patients’ bodies, even if they didn’t engage in extra exercise while on the program. Not only did hCG seem to help patients lose excess fat, but it also seemed to help them lose fat from abnormal, unhealthy fat stores rather than targeting healthy fat and muscle. He described his findings in a 1954 report entitled “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity.”

The classic hCG weight loss protocol involves three phases — a weight loss phase, a “resetting” phase in which your metabolism increases permanently to match your new bodyweight set point, and a maintenance phase. In most programs, during the weight loss phase, fat loss is supported by injections of hCG.

But at Lite by Nature, we’ve taken the pain out of hCG weight loss.

When Dr. Frank Becvar of Boulder, Colorado, and his wife, Jennifer, first discovered the hCG program, it was clear that Dr. Simeons had been on to something big. But the hCG, the very key to the program’s success, was also Dr. Becvar’s greatest concern. Not only was he opposed to the painful injections, he was also uncomfortable with the idea of pharmaceutical hormones.


But when Dr. Becvar realized that the benefits of hCG weight loss could be achieved with a safe, all–natural oral spray, the Lite by Nature homeopathic hCG weight loss program was born. Our homeopathic hCG weight loss spray is non–pharmaceutical, does not require a prescription, is comfortable and easy to use, and more affordable than injectable hCG.


And at Lite by Nature, we take hCG weight loss a step further. In addition to the three–step protocol developed by Dr. Simeons, our program also includes an optional pre–cleanse phase designed to rid your body of harmful, weight loss inhibiting toxins and prepare it to achieve the best possible results. Throughout the remaining three phases, we focus on optimizing your hCG results by incorporating a complementary detox program and total support, from free classes to one–on–one counseling.


Today, our family–owned and operated hCG weight loss and detoxification program has helped over 1500 people overcome long–standing weight loss challenges and achieve the lean, healthy bodies they’ve always wanted. All in a safe, natural way that helps promote overall health and wellness.

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