Hcg does a wonderful job cleansing your body on its own.  However, we have always recommended adding these additional 5 detoxes to the program for 2 reasons. We find the weight loss is greater and it supports the organs that are doing the hard work of removing the fat and toxins.  Dropping 2400-4400 abnormal fat cells per day while on HCg make your organs work over-time.  This is a nice way to support the body while losing the unwanted fat.  As always, email me if you have questions.  litebynature@gmail.com

5 Detoxes Complimentary to HCg

  • Liver cleanse

    Candida cleanse

    Heavy Metal

    Kidney Cleanse


    Our quality supplements are whole food based, therefore they have shorter expiration dates.  Be aware these vitamins are not refundable.